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Sreenidhi Sports Academy’s academic curriculum enables students to excel in sports and academics. The broad and balanced educational program enables students to be knowledgeable and resilient, bridging academics and elite sports. We deliver the NCERT/CBSE curriculum framework which enables elite athletes to develop academic skills and complement the sport’s growth. The curriculum framework is based on the CBSE syllabus which has great flexibility that suits elite athlete students. Many Sreenidhi students will graduate with a US-style diploma that opens doors to universities around the world, and for those who don’t, we offer the NIOS certification.

Grade 3 to 8

At Sreenidhi Sports Academy, the students from grades 3 to 8 learn subjects including English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies (Up to V), Science (VI to VIII) and Hindi.

Grade 9 to 12

From grade 9 onwards, students get a wider choice of subjects. English is compulsory language while Hindi, French or Spanish are optional. Students need to study Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Information Technology.

Customised Learning Program

We understand that student-athletes always have demands on their time through training, matches, and tournaments. Our CLP is designed to take into account the time pressures placed upon the students. Our flexible educational curriculum provides a tailor-made academic schedule to the athletes, built around their sporting commitments. We encourage and provide all means to our students to balance their pursuit for sporting excellence without compromising on their academics. We create lifelong learners who can balance sports as well as academics. We use technology and individualised teaching strategies to ensure that every student is able to continue learning towards the targeted outcomes. CLP ensures that the needs of every student are catered for. Feedback, content coverage, individual teaching, online portal, and extensive teaching resources, all ensure that the academic program complements the sporting developments and allows the students to flourish academically, emotionally, socially, and in sports.


Compulsory Subjects Offered
Students needs to select four subjects from Physical Education, Business Studies, Accountancy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Information Technology. Apart from the above mentioned subjects, we are flexible to offer any new subject of student’s choice if it fits into the academic scope of the school.



Business Studies




Information Technology


Career Counselling & Guidance

Our expert counsellors guide the students for their career choice and university applications based on interest and abilities around sports and beyond. We provide counselling for emotional well-being as well as on a regular basis. We guide the students for perfect subjects selection in grade XI. Our CLP model keeps the progress checked and guides the students at every phase of schooling.

Our counsellors/coaches discuss and suggest individual plan based on: Particular skills, capabilities, and talents, the academic commitment needs for various career, the opportunities in a particular sport or career.

Step 1
Ask yourself (SWOT analysis)
Step 2
Interest and abilities fitting to career choice
Step 3
Shortlisting colleges
Step 4
Preparation for Admission


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