Meet Our Team

Mr. Krishna, Tennis Coach

Our graceful and impactful tennis coach Mr. Krishna has a rich experience of over 18 years in the sport with 5 years of effective coaching experience at SNSA. He is highly qualified with a Bachelor’s degree in physical education from Sri Venkateswara University. Furthermore, he is an integral part of NIS, International tennis federation level-1, and AITA Level 4 from New Delhi.

Mr. G. A. Raju, Tennis Coach

Our highly accomplished tennis coach G. A. Raju has a glorious experience of 19 years in the sport and a greatly successful 9 years tenure at SNSA. He did his B.Com from NIS, Bangalore, and helped numerous tennis aspirants to reach their highest potential at top tournaments at the national and international levels.

Mr. Ravi Vinod Pandey, Squash Coach

Our squash coach Mr. Ravi Vinod Pandey is a champion in the sport and trained many squash aspirants in his 15 years of experience. He received many accolades during his career including World Squash Federation Level 1 certification, a Coaches Certificate Course From SRFI Chennai, and took part in Referee clinic course.

Mr. D. Shiva Yadav, Head Swimming Coach

Mr. D. Shiva Yadav is our Head Coach for Swimming with a rich experience of 13 Years in coaching budding swimmers to be world-class champions. He has various prestigious accolades and certifications under his belt including the 1st NIS Certification from Sport’s Authority of Bangalore India 2015, Australian (AustSwim) Swimming Licence from (NAC) Bangalore 2018, American Certification (ASCA Level I & II ) from Mumbai 2016, Aqua Fitness Certification from Sport’s Authority of Telangana (Gachibowli Stadium) 2018, and 2nd NIS Certification Course from Sport’s Authority of Kolkata India in 2020.

Mr. Dipak Kumar Pathak, Cricket Coach

One of one most impactful cricket coaches Mr. Dipak Kumar Pathak has a diverse experience in the national and international cricketing arena of 13 years. He accomplished various milestones in his career including the Cricket Association Of Bengal Foundation “O” level course, the BCCI NCA Level-1 Coaches Certificate Course from Eden Garden, the BCCI NCA Hybrid Level 2 High-Performance Coaches Certificate Course, and the ICC foundation Certificate 2022.

Mr. Ramling Patil, Cricket Head Coach

Our head coach for cricket is a highly accomplished and resourceful champion in the sport, Mr. Ramling Patil. He has a broad experience of 17 years in the cricketing domain across the national and international circuits. He has completed the ICC Level 2 High-performance cricket coaching course and the ICC level -1 foundation cricket coaching course. He also participated in the ICC Criiio cricket program facilitator training. Furthermore, he achieved the ICC foundation certificate 2022, Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) level- 1 Cricket Certification in 2006, and KSCA Level -1 Umpiring Certification in 2009.

Mr. Deval Chauhan, Cricket Coach

Mr. Deval Chauhan is one of our most talented and highly impactful cricket coaches with over 10 years of successfully grooming world-class cricketers. He holds Level 1 Cricket Coaching Certificate from Sports Authority of India 2015, ICC Foundation Certificate 2022, ICC Level 1 Cricket coaching, and Certification from ICC Academy, Dubai 2022.

Mr. Sachin Kanvinde, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mr. Sachin Kanvinde is one of our most capable and highly focused strength & conditioning coaches with a diverse experience of 14 years in the domain. He has earned numerous accolades and certifications during his illustrious career. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach from ISSA, Certified Level 1 Cricket Coach from ICC Academy, Dubai, and Certified Yoga Trainer from SVAYSA, Bangalore.

Mr. Ayush Mehta, Sports Administrator

Mr. Ayush Mehta is our sports administrator with an experience of 2 years in sports management and administration. He has a post-graduate diploma in Football Management from the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and Cadiz C.F., and a certification from BTEC International Level 3 in football coaching from the Liverpool International Academy.

Ms. Nadella Mounya Sri, Sports Psychologist

Our Sports Psychologist Ms. Nadella Mounya Sri is a carer of minds, a nurturer of skills, and a brilliant game strategizer for budding athletes of all sporting endeavours with a Master’s in Psychology.

Mr. Taran Ramaiah, Tennis Head Coach

Mr. Taran Ramaiah is the Head Coach for Tennis at SNSA with a broad experience of 13 years in national and international circuits. He is AITA ITF Level 3 Certified, PTR Certified, and RPT World Tour Certified coach who nurtured many youngsters to become world-class tennis champions.

Mr. Birender K

Mr. Birender K is our lifeguard at the swimming pool. He has an experience of over 23 years in guiding and protecting budding swimmers to achieve their swimming dreams by ensuring their safety and confidence. He also earned various renowned certifications including the highly-regarded Life Guard Certificate from the Rashtriya Life Saving Society India- 2009 & 2019.

Ms. D Manasa, Basketball coach

Our basketball coach Ms. D Manasa is highly accomplished in the game of basketball with a diverse experience of 4 years at various levels. She earned various accolades and certifications during her career, including a Diploma in Basketball Coaching from NIS Patiala.

Ms. A. Mallika, Nutritionist

Our highly knowledgeable, caring, and soft-spoken nutritionist Ms. A. Mallika assists our student-athletes in choosing the right nutrition and balanced diet to help them achieve their sporting and academic goals. She did a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics along with a certification course in Diabetes Education.

K. Sukesh Goud, Physiotherapist

Our physiotherapist K. Sukesh Goud empowers and heals the aspirants with utmost care and attention. He has a broad experience of over 10 Years in healing and resuscitating athletes to help them reach their fullest potential. He has earned numerous prestigious certifications in his career including the Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (Osteopathy & Chiropractic Techniques), Certified Dryneedling Practitioner, Master in Physiotherapy( Sports & Musculoskeletal Disorders), Certified Manual therapist, Diploma in Acupuncture, Sports Physiotherapist for National Hockey and athletics teams at Sports Authority of India.

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