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We strive to develop talented young cricket players through dynamic training programs, best practices, and quality coaching. Our program provides a safe and  productive learning environment to develop student- athletes who can balance sporting and academic loads. We aim to provide a secure, challenging and disciplined training environment that will empower all players to maximise and reach their greatest potential in cricket, covering all five elements of the game (tactical, technical, mental, physical, nutritional) and life itself. We aspire to implement structures into all our sessions that teach the game and lessons that can be transferred into life.

Student Talent Pathways

Our talent pathway’s building block is a continual cycle of identification, development, and performance.

Talent Performance

Challenging players’ abilities, decision making through competition, self-motivation and high performance environment.

Talent Development

Specializing skills and methods to refine your abilities and create exceptional cricket players for our country.

Talent Identification

Enabling players to explore a variety of elements of their game and the game in general – both technical and tactical.

Talent Development Scope

The Cricket program follow five stages of development which provide elite training maximizing, physical,mental and emotional development of each player.

Academy Framework

The diagram is designed to highlight the potential outcomes of each of the academy’s development stages. It is not intended to indicate a selection pathway or the only pathway to those phases. A player’s time in each stage is determined by their readiness to transition and development. This may or may not be a linear progression.

Cricket Coaching Model

The model we use to identify and track players within the Academy and potential players focus on SIX essential pillars with equal weighting between them. The model is the pillar of identifying players, tracking progress, creating individual plans, and communicating to players, parents, and coaches. Our program is created around a holistic view of player development where all elements of this model are considered when getting to understand or know a player and the current stage of development.

Our Coaching Strategy


Self-Awareness, Inner Drive, Resilience, Coachable, Leadership of Self


Game Sense, Decision Making, Leadership, Innovation

Lifestyle & Support

Sport outside of Cricket, Family, Education, Life Balance


How Many, How Often, Against Whom, When, How, Where


Athleticism, Physical Maturation, Body Type, Training Age


Hand-Eye Coordination, Good Basics, Balance, Techniques

Program Organisation

It is paramount to have organized and progressive planning to ensure appropriate development of the players in the stages, according to their ability level and capacity to learn. The year is divided into two main phases the preseason phase and the competition phase. Due to the ecosystem in which the academy is inserted, pre-competition phases need to be planned during the second phase before the players participate in various meets to ensure an adequate periodization.

Phase I focuses on

The introduction of cricket-specific principles, models, developing technical and tactical aspects of respective disciplines. Attention is also paid to the physical and psychological preparation of the athletes.

Phase II focuses on

The consolidation of all aspects of player development, technical, tactical, physical, and psychological, to optimize performance during competition periods.

Sports Science Program

Sports Science is a vital element in the holistic development of a modern-day athlete. Our Cricket program is driven by science in our quest to help players achieve their greatest potential. SNSA’s Sports Science Department comprises a group of highly qualified experts whose mandate is to carry out specific applied research and develop innovative and new approaches for training and performance enhancement in our program.

Strength and Conditioning

Sports Biomechanics

Sports Psychology

Sports Physiology

Talent Identification

Sports Nutrition


Quality Assurance

Upcoming Tournaments

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