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Integrated Sports School

Our distinctive integrated sports programme is a structured pathway for athletes aged 8 – 18, offering a solution to the demands of combining sport and education. The academy will provide different levels of training and tailored coaching instruction to suit the needs of each individual-athlete in three sports – Squash, Swimming, Tennis. All the sporting disciplines in the integrated program follow the long-term development (Ltd) model, which is structured to maximise each student-athlete’s potential and involvement in the respective sport. The LTD framework enables players to reach their full potential by defining competition, optimal training, and recovery throughout their sporting careers.

Athlete Development Pathways

There are 4 stages of elite training to maximize the physical, mental, and emotional development of each student athlete.

Sports Science Integrated Program

We believe that Sports Science is a fundamental component in the holistic development of a modern-day athlete. Our Integrated sports is driven by science in our quest to help athletes achieve their greatest potential. SNSA’s Sports Science Department comprises a group of highly qualified experts whose mandate is to carry out specific applied research and develop innovative and new approaches for training and performance enhancement across the integrated sports program.

Integrated Sports School

Strength and Conditioning

Sports Biomechanics

Sports Psychology

Sports Physiology

Talent Identification

Sports Nutrition


Quality Assurance

Program Organisation

It is paramount to have organised and progressive planning to ensure appropriate development of the athletes in each age category, according to their ability level and capacity to learn. The year is divided into two main phases the preseason phase and the competition phase. due to the ecosystem in which the academy is inserted, pre-competition phases need to be planned during the second phase before the athletes participate in various meets to ensure an adequate periodization.

Phase - I

The introduction of sports-specific principles, models, developing technical and tactical aspects of respective disciplines. Attention is also paid to the physical and psychological preparation of the athletes.

Phase - II

The consolidation of all aspects of athlete development, technical, tactical, physical, and psychological, to optimize performance during competition periods

Holistic Program Design

Our Sports Programs

Squash Program

Sreenidhi Sports Academy’s squash program follows the Long-Term Development (LTD) model, which is designed to maximize each player’s potential and involvement in squash. The LTD framework enables players to reach their full potential by defining competition, optimal training, and recovery throughout their sporting career. Our goal is to produce champions by taking each student-athletes through graduated levels of athletic development. Success stems from training and performing well over the long- term rather than winning in the short-term. SNSA program has been designed to provide an understandable and achievable pathway for student-athletes to follow according to the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model – from the fundamentals stage through to high performance.

Swimming Program

The swimming program at SNSA is designed to support swimmers with the determination, drive, desire, and talent to realize their maximum potential in competitive swimming. Through commitment, self-discipline, and time management, swimmers build self-esteem and self-confidence while promoting good sportsmanship and team spirit.We trust in the pursuit of excellence through the methodical development of skills, training challenges, and attitudes; this enables us to develop well-rounded swimmers who can participate and compete in all four strokes. Athletes are moved through the programs when they are physically and emotionally prepared to cope with the next-level challenges. Swimmers are required to develop a set list of skills before any move. Every effort and action is made to ensure that no stages are omitted in the development process to enable continued and long term success in swimming.

Tennis Program

Sreenidhi Sports Academy tennis program delivers a holistic training structure that allows its players to balance their education with their developing tennis careers. Student-athletes are challenged daily to reach their full potential and to become champions on and off the court. Athletes progress physically, mentally, technically and tactically, while also witnessing personal growth through character development and leadership skills.Our aim is to provide a challenging environment and opportunities that enable and inspire student-athletes to maximize and reach their greatest potential in tennis across five components of the game (Tactical, Technical, Mental, Physical, Nutritional). In addition, we aim to implement structures into all our day-to-day sessions which teach the game of tennis and life skill lessons.

Sports Competitions

To continue enhancing their skill development, all our student-athletes depending on their developmental stage participate in the following competitions

Local Tournaments
and Leagues
State Level

Upcoming Tournaments

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